Next Level Ecological Insulation and Packaging Material

Fiberwood is the new ecological wood fibre insulation for various purposes. It has excellent insulation values, is completely bio-based, and therefore does not contain plastic nor other fossil-based materials. It has excellent cushioning/protection abilities in various packagings. Product will be available from late 2024 in a small scale for selected customer pilot-projects.









What if we could

Insulate homes and protect packages in a more sustainable way?

Global insulations market is dominated by two groups of products: inorganic based mineral wools products (stone and glass wools) and fossil (i.e., petrol) based EPS- and XPS-plastic products (polystyrene). The downside of these products is that they have health and environmental impacts.

Disposal of plastic cushioning and protection foams is a matter of constant and increasing environmental concerns. They are not degradable and end up in aquatic or terrestrial animals’ bodies and nutrition circles, causing fatal damage to a number of species.

It’s time for a change.

We have invented Fiberwood – a brand new and ecological insulation material made from wood fibers i.e., from wood pulp and side streams of the mechanical wood industry.

Product certifications and production testing is ongoing. It is estimated that the product will be commercially available in late 2024.

Why Fiberwood?

1. Natural fibers only, No plastics

2. Acts as a carbon dioxide storage just like a tree

3. Great thermal insulation

4. Easy, safe and quick to install

5. 100% recyclable after use

6. Doesn't require a separate protection from humidity

7. Fire safety

8. Easy to form and mold in packagings

9. Fully compostable

10. Patent protected and unique forerunning environmental technology

Want to know more?

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